Luxury jewelry designer Roz Liang was recently featured in the Spring 2013 issue of Creative Living magazine. You can read her interview below.


International information technology consulting may not be the likeliest path to success as a jewelry designer, manufacturer, and distributor, but it worked just find for Roz H. Liang. From the mid-1990s through the early 200s, Liang ran Data professionals Inc., which provided senior IT consultants to clients that included leading international banking, finance, and insurance companies. The experience served her well when she launched her current venture, Dandelion Global, LLC-the parent company of Rosaline Jewelry-in 2003.


During her years with Data Professionals, Liang traveled the world on behalf of the company and its clients. In her off time during those assignments, she began collecting a diverse assortment of cultural ornamentation that today inspires the vivid colors, unique gemstones, and captivating designs of the Rosaline Jewelry Collection.


“When I launched Dandelion Global in 2003, my thought was to utilize my resources in Asia, as well as my resources and marketing capability here in the U.S.,” Liang says. “I saw a unique opportunity in the development of a one-stop resource that would provide significant benefits to my clients because I would control every aspect of the jewelry creation process. All my collections start out as original designs; every one of them is unique, not just in terms of the design, but also in the top quality of craftsmanship. I am able to maintain that level of quality throughout the pipeline because I also control the manufacturing and distribution aspects.”


While Liang has no formal training as a designer, she has always been a lover of beautiful things and at least an amateur practitioner of their creation. Rosaline Jewelry started out as more of an avocation than an incubating business. “But then the entrepreneurship bug hit me again in 2003. My IT firm had been very successful and I found myself with a valuable collection of resources in China and America that would allow me to cut out the middleman, which represents the biggest obstacle in this kind of business,” she says.


No middleman means low overhead, and buyers benefit from dealing directly with the designer and manufacturer on every order. It’s a concept that enables Dandelion Global to maintain a robust private-label jewelry business along with its own Rosaline Jewelry line.


A self taught designer, Liang skillfully uses a colorful palette to evoke imagination and imbue her handcrafted designs with elegance. She uses only semi-precious and exotic stones of the highest grade, all hand-selected for their beauty, color, and quality, as well as the role each will play in her unique creations. Shortly after the launch of Rosaline Jewelry, the line was featured on the QVC and HSN shopping channels and sold out on both shows.


Some high profile customers have acknowledged the value equation inherent in Liang’s business model, most notably Sands Corporation, a Fortune 500 company that operates more than a dozen luxury hotels, resorts and casinos around the world. In 2012, Rosaline Jewelry became the innovative hotelier’s very first license with the creation of an exclusive Sands Jewelry by Rosaline Jewelry line. In fact, Liang counts the media launch party for the line at the world-famous Marina Bay Sands in Singapore as one of the two most defining moments of her life. The other was her invitation to Beijing to speak at the opening ceremony of the 60th National Day of China in 2009. “I am so blessed that after my life adventures in the U.S. for the past 23 years, I have that recognition from my motherland,” she says. 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